Diapers: They're not Just for Babies


There is something that happens after labor and delivery that we don't talk about enough. It happens to almost every mother after giving birth, whether she had a vaginal delivery or a C-section. Bladder Incontinence. Yup. Pee-pee in your pants. You may be reading this going "Oh yeah- that totally happens to me" or "Shit! That happens?!" Yes. Yes it does! I had my last baby 5 years ago and it still happens to me on occasion. It did just the other day as I was in a trampoline class. I don't normally take trampoline classes, and I probably won't ever again. In any case, plyometric actions such as hopping and jumping can definitely cause the bladder to "let loose". It's not a full diaper load or anything, just a trickle... and another trickle... and with each consecutive hop or jump, some more trickling...

I'm bringing this up because:

  1. If you suffer from this problem, there is a natural solution- but it will take some effort on your end.
  2. I don't want you to feel ashamed or embarrassed- it happens to the best of us. I was mortified at first and then learned that I was not alone and that it doesn't mean I have the world's largest vagina.


  • As you breathe in, fill your belly and lungs with air. Take a full breath.

  • Upon your exhale, begin to lift from the pelvic floor. At first, it may feel like an engagement of the lower abdominal muscles or just a "squeezing" of the Kegel muscles.

  • Exhale the breath until you're completely empty as you hug your belly toward your spine.

  • Your pelvic floor muscles will begin to strengthen. By engaging and lifting with each out-breath, they will become stronger and more easily accessible.

This is an exercise you can do in the car, at the computer and definitely as you work out. Keep in mind that your out-breath stays consistent with the contraction of whatever muscle group you are working. For example, if you are doing wide-legged squats, you will inhale as you bend and toward the floor and you will exhale and lift the pelvic floor as you come up and straighten your legs,

I’ve been consistently using this breathing exercise since I learned of it six months ago. I actually had to change the way I breathe as I did the opposite. It takes 40 days to change a habit so be patient with yourself.

* Please note, if you are expecting, the goal is to move baby DOWN the birth canal as opposed to UP, so while you can do these exercises, focus the inhaling breath DOWN toward baby and the exhaling breath as gently curling under baby.

I promise you that with consistent practice, this little problem will get so much better. And your lower abdominal area will strengthen as well so there's an added bonus!

Here's to flatter abs and dry Lulu Lemons!

Annalisa Barrett