Chakra Balance Meditation


When I am feeling out of balance- emotionally, spiritually or otherwise- I find it helpful to do a chakra check on myself. This is a form of meditation that informs me where the imbalance may be located as well as helping to bring it back into alignment. I like to use crystals that correlate to the chakras to help open up any blocks. You can hold it or place the respective stone on the chakra point.

Below is my step-by-step meditation guide for chakra balancing.


  • Find a comfortable area where you can lay down on your back (a bed, couch, floor).

  • If you have chakra crystals (see my article “Sacral Chakra for Pregnancy” for a brief guide), you can use one at each chakra point as you move your way up the body.

  • I like to light Palo Santo before my meditation to clear the energy of the space.

  • I light sweet grass following the meditation to invite positive/light energy.


  • Light the Palo Santo and draw 7 counterclockwise circles in the air with the smoke. This begins to reset and relax the mind.

  • Lay down on your back.

Root Chakra Balance:

  • Hold a garnet or hematite- a solid, heavy, dark stone- for grounding.

  • Focus your attention on your perineum- the base of your nether-region.

  • Envision the color red.

  • Notice what comes up. Are you feeling safe? Does anxiety build up when you think about your personal safety and well-being?

  • Be with yourself and reassure yourself that you are in a safe space and nothing can harm you here. Your basic needs are met and you are thriving.

Sacral Chakra Balance:

  • Hold carnelian or moonstone- for the womb space- the center of creativity.

  • Focus your attention on your lower abdomen and sacrum.

  • Envision the color orange.

  • What do you notice emotionally? Are you feeling creatively stuck? Do you feel dull and uninspired?

  • Plant a seed of hope in this space. What brings you joy and makes you feel connected? Allow this seed to grow and flourish in your womb space over time.

Solar Plexus Chakra Balance:

  • Hold citrine- for harnessing your inner light.

  • Focus your attention on the space behind your belly button.

  • Envision the color yellow.

  • Notice what comes up for you here. Are you feeling insecure or unworthy? A lack of confidence?

  • Picture a bright yellow light emanating from your core center. Allow this light to shine and grow. This is your personal power source. Allow it the space to fully express itself.

Heart Chakra Balance:

  • Hold jade or rose quartz- for opening up your heart.

  • Focus your attention on your heart space.

  • Envision the color green.

  • What are you feeling? Is there a block? A barrier around your heart? Can you fully access it?

  • Perhaps you envision taking a key and unlocking the cage surrounding your heart. Let it be vulnerable and raw. It might feel uncomfortable at first, and then you will feel free.

Throat Chakra balance:

  • Hold turquoise or chrysocolla- for fluidity of communication.

  • Focus your attention o your throat.

  • Envision the color turquoise.

  • What physically arises? Does it feel like you need to clear your throat? Do you feel like you want to cough? Do you have a “lump in your throat”?

  • Picture a river of water flowing from your mind down the back of your throat and out through your heart. Allow this flowing water to connect your third eye to your throat and heart centers. This is the source of fluid ease of communication and interpersonal relationships.

Third Eye Chakra Balance:

  • Hold blue lapis- for access to your intuition.

  • Focus your attention on your third eye center.

  • Envision a dark cobalt blue.

  • What comes up? Can you trust your own decision making? Can you access your inner guide?

  • Allow your eyes to set back deep into their sockets. Pull away from your thoughts like a drone ascending from the Earth. When we are still and our minds are quiet, our inner wisdom comes forward to help guide us.

Crown Chakra Balance:

  • Hold amethyst- to give you wisdom and clarity.

  • Focus your attention on the crown of your head.

  • Envision a deep purple.

  • Are you open or closed minded? Are you self-focused or universally conscious?

  • Imagine the crown of your head opening up to become a portal for love and acceptance of all universal beings. Realize that you are a part of something bigger than you but also that you can have an impact on it simply by being open and receptive.


  • Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Breathe in deeply. Hold at the top. Exhale out through your mouth with a sigh.

  • Gently open your eyes and come up to a criss-cross seated position.

  • Place your hands in prayer at your heart center and thank yourself for allotting the time to check in.

  • Light the sweet grass and enjoy the pleasant aroma as you invite positive energy and light into your space, mind and body.

Annalisa Barrett